Our Mission at VVN School is to promote the complete development of all pupils by providing a secure, professional and caring environment in which each pupil is encouraged to reach his or her individual potential and is prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

-To set high expectations in social and personal development of all members of the school community within a supportive, caring, safe, challenging and inspiring learning environment, in which every individual can meet their full potential.

-To Ensure rigorous academic programme, nurture innovation, creativity and team spirit amongst pupils.

-To develop in pupils social, moral, spiritual and cultural attributes that helps them towards becoming a happy and successful person.

-To teach pupils essential communication, literacy, numeracy, life vocational and core values -skills.

-To enable pupils to develop their independent, collaborative and creative skills.

-To ensure positive partnerships with families based on mutual trust and respect.

-To Expose children to our rich culture and heritage and infuse into them a spirit of openness, respect and tolerance, to enable them to become responsible and transformative citizens of the society.


At VVN School we aim to create an positive atmosphere, in which each individual is cared for and challenged, by high expectations, to reach their full potential.

To achieve this, we provide a positive and creative learning environment, which incorporates a rich and varied programme of experiences and opportunities, both in school and within the wider community. This enables all pupils to experience success that can be celebrated and valued, thereby developing a positive attitude to learning and life. We aim to teach the skills of communication, social awareness and independent living so that our pupils can establish a meaningful role in society. We believe that it is important to develop pupils’ confidence and self-esteem, together with appropriate skills, values and attitudes. This can empower them to take full advantage of their life chances, become valued and valuable members of society, and meet the challenges ahead